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Shutter Installation

With a multitude of shutter styles and types comes a wide range of installation options. These range from purely decorative to full storm-rated protection.

Fixed Install

With little to no maintenance, shutters can be secured in a fixed position to add a custom look to any design.

Fixed Install with hardware

Shutters can be installed in a fixed position along with a variety of hardware options to give a more accurate appearance of operable shutters. This option still requires little to no maintenance while increasing curb appeal.

Semi-Functional Install

Some shutter types can be installed in a semi-functional application. Installed using real shutter hardware, the shutters can be opened and closed but are not intended to be operated frequently or serve any type of protective function. This option also offers a high level of architectural accuracy without the cost associated with fully functional shutters.

Fully-Functional Install

In this type of installation only high-quality shutter materials and hardware are used. Along with architecturally accurate design, these shutters are intended to be operated and offer light protection from the elements.

Storm-Rated Install

Only storm-rated shutters and hardware can be used for this type of install. While still architecturally accurate in design, these shutters offer our highest level of functionality and protection and are backed by a manufacturers Storm-Rating. This type of install is completely custom designed for each application.

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